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Reach Deep Within to Activate Your Potential

Be Live Love - Spritual Growth

Meditations are potent tools to reach within oneself in many different ways for many different purposes. On this page you will find a variety of meditations led by different experts. Come here often. See what is new. Book mark this page. You will find meditations that are downloadable for free.

Review, Restructure, Restore with Malabika Shaw

Like it or not, the current environment is asking us to examine many of our assumptions and conclusions that we had comfortably settled into. Some we had taken for granted, others we may have accepted as truth and yet others as stable. A double edged sword that comes with its share of opportunities and threats. This guided meditation invites us to explore barriers set up for our protection and ask whether they are still relevant.

Links: https://youtu.be/EexjT5BfuRs

Reaching for the Inner Calm with Malabika Shaw

In our Tuesday morning meditations there has been a growing inner anxiety and stress around schools reopening post pandemic. Though originally addressed to parents and teachers of young children, it is just as valid for anyone looking for a stable center in these times of uncertainty. 
Link: https://youtu.be/USO4_n3klKw



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You have a wonderful way of introducing this nebulous field of energy healing arts to the general public." Carol S. 


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