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Welcome to The Gene Keys -- a most potent tool for transformation. This wisdom is a synthesis of several bodies of knowledge from ancient times to the present. It offers deep insights into the genetic codes embedded in our DNA that reveals our unique life purpose and equips us with the guide map to fulfill that.

In this personal voyage towards our soul's destiny, the map lays out step by step how we may emerge from the shadow realms and discover the treasures hidden within our being.

Having dived into the study of Gene Keys for some months, and experiencing the depth and beauty of this process, I am excited to invite you who are thirst for insights to this very first Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat

A Deep Dive into Love Click Here for Details

Gene Keys Introduction by Malabika Shaw

For an overview of the concept of Gene Keys and to get answers to your queries, join me for a free discussion session on zoom on Wednesday 28th October 2020
Two 1-hr. slots - 10 AM & 9 PM EDT
(7.30 PM and Thurs. 6.30 AM India)
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Email me to save your spot: malabikashaw@hotmail.com


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