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Gautam Mukerjee

From the Ethers to Earth with Gautam Mukerjee

This is a story of how radical new ideas find their way to mainstream. Throughout history leading thinkers who ask new questions and discover new realities face resistance from the gatekeepers of the existing paradigm. Gautam session tells us of a few such discoveries that are poised to change the wellbeing of humankind radically.


The Science behind Synchronicity with Gautam Mukerjee

Almost a century ago Carl Jung incorporated the term 'synchronicity' in his work. This phenomenon has since come under serious scrutiny by scientists, scholars, researchers and psychologists around the world. From quantum physicist Neils Bohr, writer-philosopher Arthur Koestler, to modern day proponents of the Law of Attraction, the studies tell a fascinating tale of evolution of our consciousness. Do thoughts and emotions affect the quantum field -- our outer world? Can the forces behind synchronicity be consciously harnessed? Could that alter our lives? Gautam Mukerjee tell the story scientific revelations, evidence, research and discussions to answer these questions.

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