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Spiritual Principles of Wealth Creation – Online

Thursday, August 6, 13, 2020. 12 noon to 2 PM EDT $80

Wealth is our birthright. SPIRIT wants us to be rich. But our dysfunctional mental/emotional patterns limit our access to wealth. Spiritual principles and cutting edge quantum sciences are connecting the dots between our subconscious programs and creation of wealth. Learn the very precise steps to the road map of accessing wealth. Examine and your inner contradictions, clear old programs and align your greater mind to the abundant nature of the universe. Unlock the door to financial ease. Creating wealth entails much more than smart choices and hard work. In reality, it is a spiritual adventure.

8 Professional Continuing Education Credits for SRT practitioners
Registration through Spiritual Response Association.


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SRT Practioner's Conference - Online

10 AM to 11 AM and again 9 PM to 10 PM EST, via teleconference

This conference is intended to support new practitioners of SRT. You are welcome to make a free will donation for this event. This is not mandatory. You may join regardless.

To join ask for contact details by emailing Malabika@VisionWholistic.net

The Art of Conscious Creation

Friday, Sept 4, 11 & 18, 2020. 11 AM to 1 AM EDT T

he universal law of creation stipulates that in order for a project or a relationship to manifest itself in the three-dimensional reality, it must first exist clearly in our conscious and sub-conscious minds. Then we bring this vision into harmony with our deeper self. In this class you'll learn to identify contrary sub-conscious patterns, beliefs and perceptions that may thwart your conscious desires. You'll learn concrete actionable steps to neutralize your blocks, refine your thought patterns, practice using energetically compatible language and bring your goals into sharp focus. Bring your project idea at any stage and use this opportunity to propel it into creation.

Register by Sept 1 to receive pre-class instructions. 


Contact Malabika@VisionWholistic.net for questions or more information.

It was indeed such an unexpected healing and elevating experience. I feel indebted for life." Ashwani K. 


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